JAppLaunch is a simple file launcher written in Java by tony200910041. Distributed under MPL 2.0, anyone can use JAppLaunch everywhere for any purposes without being charged.

As JAppLaunch is written by pure Java, mostly Java Swing, without using JNI and other system-dependent resources, you can use JAppLuanch in different platforms, for example, Windows, Mac, Linux etc as long as Java Runtime Environment is installed. It is recommended to download the jar version for cross-platform use, and exe version for Windows use only.


JAppLaunch in cross-platform Look and Feel

You may download JAppLaunch in SourceForge page.

Frequently asked question (FAQ):

(1) How to use JAppLaunch?
Answer: You can add files to JAppLaunch and shortcuts will be produced. You may simply drag the file(s) to the main list, or press JAppLaunch->Add new item to in order to add shortcuts. For the eight grids at the top, simple click the blank grid to add shortcuts.

(2) Can I modify or remove the shortcuts?
Answer: Yes. You may delete the link by right-clicking on the corresponding list item and press "Delete". You may also modify the name of the shortcut by right-clicking on the corresponding list item and press "Set preferred name".

(3) It takes a long time to open JAppLaunch.
Answer: In fact, I have already used SwingWorker to load swing component faster and add a splash screen to remind users that JAppLaunch is actually launching. However, as the icons of each items have to be loaded each time, this may take a very long time especially when an anti-virus program runs in the background. You may choose not to load icons (By choosing JAppLaunch->Other settings->Load icon (require restart) ).

(4) I want to run JAppLaunch automatically when system starts.
Answer: As JAppLaunch is written in pure Java, running automatically is not provided in order to maintain system independency. However, if you are using Windows, you may add an item manually in msconfig (press Win+R and type msconfig, and you will see a list showing automatically launched items). A command-line parameter /startup is also provided so that the JAppLaunch main window will not show up after launching.

(5) The JAppLaunch executable file is locked after being launched.
Answer: By default, JAppLaunch will close to the system tray (if system tray icon is supported by the operating system) and an icon will be shown. You may close JAppLaunch by right-clicking the icon and press Close. Also, you may close JAppLaunch directly by pressing the menu item JAppLaunch->Close .

(6) I want to use JAppLaunch in a removable drive.
Answer: You may enable drive letter replacement. Simply press JAppLaunch->Other settings->Replace drive letter to enable portable mode. Drive letters will be replaced automatically at each launch so that shortcuts are still valid even the drive letter is changed.

(7) What is Look and Feel?
Answer: Look and Feel is a Java feature. You can have different JAppLaunch interface by modifying the Look And Feel. See here (Oracle Documentation) for further details.

(8) Can I use JAppLaunch for commercial purposes?
Answer: Yes. You may use JAppLaunch everywhere for any purposes, including personal use, commerical use, educational use etc without being charged, as long as you comply with the MPL 2.0 license.

(9) How can I support JAppLaunch?
Answer: There is no such need for any donation or sponsorship etc.
It is hoped that you support freeware. With software being open-source, open to anyone and not charging any fees, everyone can contribute to the world of software. Apart from using pirated version of commercial software, please try to use freeware first. You will eventually find freeware also useful.
Please feel free to send an email to tony200910041@gmail.com if you have further suggestions, enquiries or problems.